Rössing Award for Photography 2021
for Gaps and Dots

The image Honeydew was taken on a walk on Lindenstraße. I found it fascinating how a sticky grey-green film formed on glass containers, electricity boxes and parked cars. On which linear and never crossing tracks ran, where the grey-green film of fungi that feed on honeydew had been eaten away by snails.
The tracks reminded me of photographic paper that has been run through a developer with tilted chemistry.

http://www.alexandermeyer.org/files/gimgs/th-1_51_Honeydew, 2020_v2.jpg
Honeydew, 2021
Snail Tracks in Moss on a Glas Container, 2021
Installation View, Diplomrundgang
Installation View, Diplomrundgang
Installation View, Diplomrundgang
http://www.alexandermeyer.org/files/gimgs/th-1_Portrait 1, Aron, 2022.jpg
Aron, 2022
http://www.alexandermeyer.org/files/gimgs/th-1_Portrait 1, Jakob, 2022.jpg
Jakob l., 2022
http://www.alexandermeyer.org/files/gimgs/th-1_Portrait 2, Jakob, 2022.jpg
Jakob r., 2022