my contribution at Camera-Austria Issue 162 - Release in June

Common to all photographic works considered in this issue is the introduced artists' desire to explore, usually in the long term, gestural forms of representation and expression that are often implicitly inscribed both in human bodies and in bodies of work. This is brought to bear in different ways: in the intensive preoccupation with photographs from one's own family archive being intensively transferred to the materiality of the work (Ibrahim Ahmed), in a collection of photographically captured, interrelated gestures that has developed associatively and rhizomatically based on certain themes (Anja Manfredi), in the prolonged observation and documentation of movement and interaction among female bodies (Sam Contis), or in the study of historical and contemporary queer gestures and codes in imagery and their relevance (Lena Rosa Händle).
Featuring contributions by: Ibrahim Ahmed, Farida Yousse, Anja Manfredi, Christina Irrgang, Sam Contis, Lauren O'Neill-Butler, Lena Rosa Händle, Laura Guy, Václav Kopecky, Michaela Nagyidaiová, Somayah Elhassawy, Alexander Meyer, Lena-Lotte Agger, Arden Surdam

In his work Gaps and Dots (2020–23), Alexander Meyer is interested
in changes of perspective, questions of identity, and also biological
phenomena. Photography is a tool that helps him deal with
his own identity and his environment. The botanical term rhizome
runs through his work as a metaphor for a post-structuralist and
unpredictable model of connections that does not follow a linear